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Really looking forward to get Sagrada Reset when MVM puts it on sale, as it won't get a CE so I will wait for a sale.

Must be one of the few that liked it.


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Right, just a heads up. I would appreciate it if we could place these images under the spoiler tag because the more images you have on the page the more tedious it gets, especially for mobile users. Heck I had a quick look at the first post and it was supposed to be part of the rules for this thread lol.

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Some upcoming JP releases.
The Promised Neverland vol 1
Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka vol 1
Sound Euphonium Season 2 BD-Box
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood BD-Box
Tsurune vol 4


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Chronicle Of The Loum Battlefield
Looks like I'm not done bitching about titles just yet... That is really awkward sounding. It's a chronicle of the Battle of Loum, a chronicle of the battlefield would just be a description of that region of space throughout history.
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