Overseas Upcoming Non-UK Anime BD/DVD Artwork

Oh so viz is catching up on Boruto finally. Hope they do better than the French one ... Is it going to be just a standard Amaray?
The publisher (Kana) communicated on "There is a problem related to the harmonization of sound on blu-ray boruto, part 2 released recently is also affected by the problem. This will be corrected for part 3, and the remaking of part 1 and 2"


State Alchemist
Ignoring the meme of me and mp3dom, this is one Dynit title 100% worth importing. Why? Because they got the license from Sony, this has English subtitles and the English dub.
It's always good to know about international releases with English options. And this one improves on Manga's release simply by not having the offensive to the eyes blue bar across the top of the slipcase.
The book will be useful though...
Eh, I'm sure I've watched enough Winx Club to make some kind of sense of it.