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Dragon Knight
If AL do do a simpler set first I will still hold out for the 4k and 1080p Blu-ray dual-format set with the bigg fancy book, but would be happy for those who didn't want to pay that much/still have a DVD only set-up somewhere in the house or something like that :)

Jon O Fun

Dragon Knight
they also spoilt a Weathering with You 4K set that matches Your Name (which is good for me)
Again you say spoilt but they're both arms of the same company.
AL UK could just as easily have coordinated an announcement (assuming they're releasing as well, might not be) but they seem to have their own strategy of surprise announcements 🤷‍♂️


Thousand Master
The French Conan set looks alright but I'm hoping that AL get to use the gorgeous art of the Japanese set



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You say AL France being too fast, but you could also say AL UK being too slow 🤷‍♂️

Nah - neither is spoiling anything :)! Our UK team is doing a completely different release as there's a different significance to Future Boy Conan in the UK as it never aired on TV here :).

Stay tuned for more info shortly!