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Denny Fisher

Death Scythe
I couldn't find an answer on this board, so will ask. Apologies if I missed it. I've got a UK PS5 to play Blu-rays on, and have the first 2 seasons of Food Wars! By the looks of it, there are no Region B versions of Seasons 3-5. If I buy the Region A copies from the USA, will I be able to play them on my PS5?
Food wars 1-5 has been confirmed geo-locked and will play fine on a ps5
Check the first page for confirmed titles.

Denny Fisher

Death Scythe
October's UK blu ray releases added

The Dungeon Of Black Company
Future Boy Conan
How A Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom Part 1
Quintessential Quintuplets: Season 2
Ranking Of Kings Season 1 Part 1
Zombie Land Saga Revenge: Season 2

October's Australian blu ray releases added

Combatants Will Be Dispatched!
Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Part 1
My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission
Scar on the Praeter
Sonny Boy
The Detective is Already Dead
The Duke of Death and His Maid