Toei's refusal to legally stream their biggest anime titles here

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    "blahblah Jerome sucks he says **** everytime blahblah manga sucks so much blahblah"
    wow dudeā€¦ what a constructive reply you've typed.

    for your knowledge, Toei doesn't give a single **** about streaming. They want their stuff to air on TV and eventually get a release sometime after. French anime distributors said the exact same stuff as Jerome. It's the same in Germany, etc.

    Toei Europe is like that, get over it and stop hating someone else.
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    Your precious Senpai isn't going to dissolve into seafoam just because I called him and the company he keeps a jerk for being complaisant in anti-consumer practices whilst engaging in hypocritical and, one might argue morally bankrupt (or, failing that, just plain goit like), behaviour.

    Toei needs a through knee to the face for thinking they can sell Digimon and Sailor Moon Merch in the UK without paying their dues content wise (They just about get away with it DB wise but they're on thin ice with the company they keep), end of.
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    I mean how dare they try and sell merch for a series that had a legitimate TV broadcast, was/is streaming (and it streaming has bugger all to do with Saban) and now has a fairly cheap DVD release? Those utter bastards.

    I get that we don't like Toei, but can we please not go overboard, I'm reasonably confident they never defecated in anybody's cornflakes. Not doing exactly what we'd like at all times, doesn't make them evil.
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    Dude, we just don't care about that here, it's not the ******* subject. Jerome has nothing to do with all that.

    If you want to whine because you're hurt by his tweets or whatever, do it in the appropriate thread. Or just tell him on twitter instead of bitching pointlessly on his back. I don't know.

    Damn, it's like when I read these posts about Kono Sekai no Katasumini with people that plan to skip it just because it's animatsu. Just plain retarded.
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    I'd just like them to do something that wasn't so counter productive and enabling of gray (Importing) to illicit (the obvious) methods of getting their content and for the company they keep not to be the devil on their shoulder telling them it's OK to do so.

    A Shame for sure but not a surprise. Call Pluto an asteroid (or Your customer base a bunch of perverted hypocrites) and it'll act as such.