The Telegraph on manga

Today, in the books section of the Daily Telegraph, is a large article on manga. It begins by stating the decline of the American comic industry and the rise of manga.

It states that the UK manga market has "doubled over the last year" and the article is 100% positve, with the colunmist recommending to "get stuck in" to it.

With this and the previous article about anime, the Telegraph must be the only newspaper that doesn't flame anime and manga four times a year.


Ghost of Animes
The Telegraph seems to be the most positive newspaper to read when it comes to (especially Japanese) foreign pop culture. I regularly read their website and their DVD reviews will often include the occasional Asian release too (they dubbed Old Boy one of the best films of the year, that alone makes them superior to every other paper! :) ).

I've looked throughout the Telegraph website but haven't been able to find anything recent discussing manga. I would post about it on the site if I could find it. Thanks for the news Chomolungma.


Death Scythe
yeah, thanks. it's good to see at least one major newspaper being open-minded enough to give manga a balanced view. a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...or something. anyway, my point is, it's a good start. now all we have to do is talk some sense into the TV schedulers...