The Perfect Frankenstein


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Basically what would be the best hybrid (a la Frankenteins Monster).

Taking existing anime you've seen (hopefully liked) what combo do you think would product a near masterpiece. Feel free to give proportions of each anime

(sorry for any spelling and grammar errors. I'm drunk).

To Start

Outlaw Star Universe with the Outlaw Crew, The Angel Links Crew taking on the stories of Macross.
I tend to think of these things more in terms of 'X, as made by Y', so

Satoshi Kon directs a Ghost in the Shell film
Sayo Yamamoto directs a Gunsmith Cats tv series (seriously, do this)
Takeshi Koike directs Space Adventure Cobra

Yoshiaki Kawajiri directs literally anything at this stage ;__;

Lord Bacchus

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Studio Shaft with Akiyuki Shinbo at the helm, make a psychological horror. I know they've done things with dark themes before like Monogatari series and Madoka, but I want a full tilt psychological horror film (complete with lots of existential dread) done in Shinbo's style.
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