The *Im looking for* thread.

Ahhh nice wasnt sure if it was or not in that case if there is a standard u.s release... That would do😅
Perhaps ask this seller if they'd consider lowering the price? Unless the price range ideal to you?
Left it late but thought I'd ask regardless. If anyone still has these Genshin Impact × London Comic Con May Entry Passes and are willing to part with it, holla at me 👋

Looking for:
❗Akame Ga Kill Collection 2 Limited Collector's Edition (Blu-ray)
note: Animatsu or sentai


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sorry to keep the thread offtopic but did wowHD change their VAT process? i don't know if i'm getting mixed up with another US based global shipper but i'm sure people on the blu-ray forums talked about how their prices just went up 20% instead at the begining of the year
Any good places to get viva elite DVD cases that are UK-based?
Dragon trading (via amazon or ebay, best to check both sometime prices vary between the 2 sites) are about the only one I've used, but was a while back when I last used them and I think your already aware of them any way.
May also depend which viva elite DVD cases you need (11mm/14mm spine ect and how many discs), but could be getting pricy if it various types.

I honestly don't see too many Viva elite DVD case over here (I actually checked a bunch, I think I have 0 viva elite DVD cases), as I suspect you have also noticed I don't think are really used in the UK market (UK market I think mainly use Amaray).

EDIT, do the Viva Elite case have the "viva" or "elite" logo on the actual case?
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