The 2007 Anime Character Budokai (general info and rules)

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Ryo Chan

Well, this is perhaps the most important thread here on the Character Battle forum, with the huge glut of information formerly found on the battle one thread transferred for ease of use. Feel free to discuss the character battle in this forum insert url. Thanks.



The brainchild of former forum Veteran Suiseiseki and current moderator Mangaminx back in 2005 is back for another shot.

As we did last time we will start off with 10 pre-chosen combatants for each sex. As well as the 10 pre-chosen characters, there will be 6 wild cards chosen by you to enter the fray leading to a 16-person battle for supremacy. Each round will be narrowed down for 16 > 8 > 4 > the final 2

There will be sixteen male characters and sixteen females, selected to ensure maximum gender equality; the final will be a battle for the most popular of the male characters and the most popular female. Each battle will go on for 3 days, rotating male, to female

Each of the characters will be chosen from popular Animes, naturally there will be people upset their show wasn’t chosen but this is the reason we gave you a choice at the wildcard round to at least give some of the outsides a chance.

The Rounds

The first round will be the Preliminary (or wild card) round. This is where you have the power to make a difference.

You get to choose 3 male and 3 female characters from any series and the winning 6 males and 6 females will go through to the next round to join our pre-chosen 10 to battle for glory.

The only rule is that you may not use more than 1 character of the same sex from each show (so no choosing Asuka and Rei from Evangelion sorry but Rei and Shinji is fine) After 5 days the polls will close and the winning 6 from each sex will join our pre-selected choice in the…….

Last 16

This is where the action heats up. Our luck 6 from each sex will join up with Our veterans from last year

Ayato (RahXephon)
Char (Mobile Suit Gundam)
Goku (Dragonball)
Ichigo (Bleach)
Naruto (Naruto)
Shinji (Evangelion)
Sousuke (Full Metal Panic)
Spike (Cowboy Bebop)
Tetsuo (Akira)
Vash (Trigun)
Tenchi (Tenchi Muyo)
Luffy (One Piece)
Gutts (Berserk)
Nicolas Wolfwood (Trigun)
Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Nabeshin (Excel Saga)


Excel (Excel Saga)
Hitomi (Escaflowne)
Kino (Kino's Journey)
Motoko (Ghost In The Shell : Stand Alone Complex)
Osaka (Azumanga Daioh)
Sakura (Cardcaptor Sakura)
Seras (Hellsing)
Tohru (Fruits Basket)
Usagi (Sailor Moon)
Yomiko (Read Or Die)
Nami (One Piece)
Kaname Chidori (Full Metal Panic)
Nausicaa (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind)
Revi (Black Lagoon)
Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)
Haruhi Suzmiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suumiya)

These battles will be in a series of 1 v 1’s battles running 3 days each until we are down to the last 8.

Those 8 will battle down to 4 and those 4 to the last ones standing to find out the winners of the 2007 anime character Budokai


There are only really 2 rules for this event so no excuses for not reading them.

Rule 1. This is the people’s choice, and while I’m sure no one in this forum ever would, please don’t harass other members about their choices in any for the battles.

Rule 2. You may only vote once during each battle. If you change your mind edit your original post before the deadline, people who repost their choice without editing their original topic will have their first choice taken.

The Betting Thread

No such luck as winning money from this, but a side event for this year is the betting thread. Once the last 16 have been chosen, you will have the chance to choose who you think will win the contest. You get one choice for each sex and 2 lucky winners (1 from the boys battle and 1 from the females) will win their very own custom rank Gracefully donated by Kami-san Paul

Character signatures

This battle also comes with a once in a life time opportunity. Paul has also agreed that during the contest he will lift the “No Image Signaturesâ€
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