The 2007 Anime Character Budokai Battle Chat


Paul said:
With FMP!, I think it's just a show that everyone has seen and isn't particularly offended by it one way or the other. Both the GONZO series and Fumoffu! are out in the UK, too, which obviously helps.

Must admit it's disappointing, simply because FMP and the characters are so predictable and pedestrian. We're awarding generics.
Mmm, while I do think the FMP characters have their moments, they've got nothing on the more awesome ones out there. But hey, it's hardly my fault - I voted for Kino...


Yeah, was quick. shame i think that kaname never won that in the end, she nearly did, but there we go.


I'm pleased with the results because even if they're rather generic 'best character' choices at least they're great characters with something recognizable about them. It shows this forum isn't completely devoid of the concept of a good character despite two FMP characters getting to the final.

Though I got to say that next years competition needs more Togusa.


Got to give it to spike and motoko, even though I didnt vote for either throughout the whole competion they are still both very good characters and im not suprised to see them win, although kaname came close and was winning at one point, oh well, close but no cigar ay 8)


the only thing i was really bothered about in the end is that we never had a new winner for the guy's. i wanted someone else to take the title, i wouldn't have minded sousuke, but i knew he had next to no chance against spike, but guts would have been good. Kaname could have won, and its a shame she didn't(i coulda won myself a custom rank XD) as she was so close, but as i said, there ya go.
If i get the chance again, i wouldn't mind hosting the next character battle when we do it again next.

Ryo Chan

i plan to run it again next year anyway, with pauls permission ofc.

i'm pretty happy with how it went this year, just as popular as the last time, hopefully next year it will be bigger and with more contests. (Maybe we'll lose the sudden deaths too ;) )

but all we need to work out the contest winners and that's it from me for now untill the top 10 anime vote off in July *Shudders*