Tales of Games OT| Tales of Berseria out now


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I started up the game on Friday evening and have since put 18 hours into it... I'd perhaps feel worse about this if it wasn't for the fact the next month is so busy, so I won't have as much time to play!

Overall I've been really enjoying the story and the cast of characters that have built up. I foresee a lot of backtracking in my future, which is a real shame for a world that looks so big. I guess as long as the story makes up for it and gives us a good reason to be going back and forth then it's okay.

Also I'm 18 hours in and still don't have the hoover board that Namco were going on about, and I can see a lot more places where it'll be useful. ;_;

Is it just me or does the combat and map feel quite similar to Xillia in how they work? Like, more an improvement on Xillia than Zestiria in my opinion.

Rena Ryuugu

I'm about 35 hours in, and I think this might be my favourite Tales game yet. I am having fun exploring places and am loving the characters, story and music. Must resist temptation of buying the costume packs on PSN lol


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I am about 70+ hours in and I have almost finished the main quest line I think. I am enjoying it a lot. The costume packs are definatly a temptation.

Hnnnng. The conjurer and maid/butler costumes look great as well, but for reasons unknown they're not up in the UK store even though the US store has them.

Paying over £1.50 per costume on top of a £50 games leave a sour taste, though. I mean, Namco-Bandai aren't obliged to offer them for free, but earlier games had loads to unlock. 2o hours into Berseria and I've got the two alts for Velvet and Laciphet's waiter uniform. I really need to get Magilou out of those ridiculous clothes...

Boring dungeons and fields aside, the game is pretty great and has my favourite cast of characters of any Tales I've played.


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AUKN Staff
I finished the game a few days ago and really enjoyed it, certainly one of my favourite Tales games now. The story and cast were a joy and although it's not quite perfect in terms of dungeon design and the soundtrack being a bit weak (two tracks are really overused), it was fun. :3