Starz Nabs Assassin Project From Sam Raimi


Magical Girl
Exclu: Starz has picked up an action project from Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert that's based on a Japanese anime TV series.

The premium cable network is developing Noir, a live-action U.S. remake of a 2001 show about two female assassins working in a criminal underworld. After discovering they're mysteriously linked, the two and have to work together on missions (under the moniker of "Noir") until they figure out why and how they are connected -- or until one of them kills the other.

Stephen Lightfoot (Criminal Justice and House of Saddam) is the writer and executive producer.

Raimi and Tapert will exec produce. The duo also produce Spartacus for the network, in addition to having worked on films such as Drag Me to Hell and the Evil Dead franchise.

The move is the latest in Starz' plan to develop compelling genre shows like the upcoming Camelot, a concept that AMC just proved can bring in big cable numbers with its powerful launch of The Walking Dead. ... -sam-44664

Well, I've seen a bit of Starz' Sparticus, and that was pretty good. I've heard Noir isn't the greatest series, but I think it probably has the most potential of an anime adaptation that has been done thus far.
ilmaestro said:
Noir could actually make a really cool show.

It won't, but still.

Give it a chance at least. And because it's on Starz (which is a premium cab;e network in the US) I highly doubt it will need to be toned down in anyway. I might even bet it could be a bit more violent/mature than the anime is
Starz is specifically aiming to be a genre/geeky channel, so with this, Spartacus, Camelot, Torchwood S4 and whatever else they are going for -- its gonna have a pretty fun future.
It might be more violent, and will probably be faster paced and with more action, but there is zero chance that I like the lead characters as much as Mireille and Kirika, or the general atmosphere of the show. Although I don't really expect them to be trying to recreate the show in any way, just taking a couple of the basic ideas.

edit: I guess if you didn't actually like Noir and thought it was a bit of a missed opportunity, this might be more exciting news.