Simpsons Movie


Just to let you all know the first full trailer has been released for The Simpsons movie (this is not the teaser which has been out for months). I have added the link and am glad to say the trailer achieves 2 things:

1. Doesn't spoil the movie by showing loads of clips of the best bits.
2. Is funny and I mean really funny especially when Mo appears ;) ... e/trailer/
I'm not filled with hope after seeing that trailer....

The thing I loved about the Simpsons was the characters and the realism. That's been replaced with random humour and characters that have become warped one dimentional props. The stories have become a sequence of incidents rather than actual stories and that's probably not going to change for the movie. They need some good writing staff back in.

In the end, it will do well no matter what the quality is.
I'd just like to point out that I love random humour but that's not why I loved the Simpsons. The success of Family Guy probably had something to do with the show becoming more random and less realistic.
think i'm more interested in the futurama movie than this and i've not even seen a trailer for futurama lol

i'll probually end up watching it (though i can't guarente legally)
The writers behind the movie are most of the big names behind the the earlier run of the show, the earlier award winning run of the show. Although the movie is coming out FAR from it's peak I have a little hope that the staff know what they are doing ^^

Remember, they do read reviews and forums as well meaning that the concerns of the public will be at the front of their mind. They don't want to make a failed simpsons movie as little as you want to watch one ^_-

I have high hopes =D
And after reading some of these posts I thought I was the pessimist.

And what's all this about a Futurama movie? That is, like, even more important here!
They did have a couple of made for tv movies planned but they canceled order to uncancel the actual series

Season 5 is due 2008 ^^