Shiki simulwatch [RS] (15th September)


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That was a user called Phobos. You can see that that avatar is still in place if you check out this thread he started:

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As this is a Shiki thread truck kun make way...

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I'll decide on my avatar by episode 3 I think, see who I like :)
Absolutely, so sorry I was being very presumptuous but inadvertently if that helps heh.
That was a user called Phobos. You can see that that avatar is still in place if you check out this thread he started:
Ah yes I remember now thinking they've got good taste in avatars!
As this is a Shiki thread truck kun make way...
Aha to be isekai'd Konosuba style! Two shows that would not be expected to have crossovers heh.

Episode 1 - re-watch

Reminded of the great op, but mainly down to the banging Buck-Tick song (didn't know of them until watching this show and their style reminded me of Echo & the Bunnymen).

In the opposite of village life being depicted as beautifully idyllic in our recent Barakamon simulwatch, Shiki's village is very much viewed as the height of mundanity with old people, cows & a yet-to-isekai-anyone tractor-kun, for Megumi our trapped teen with big dreams who has no patience for the village or its inhabitants. She's obsessed with the surly looking Yuuki, who dishes a disdain for her that is equal to what she does for the villagers - match made in heaven methinks. Having just watched Future Diary only recently, I found this scenario very reminiscent with a pink-haired, nutty stalker girlie going "Yuuukiiii" in a sickly deranged voice - must have been the in-thing a decade back. And on fashionable hairstyles, I'm guessing the cat-boy craze didn't take off, or maybe it's just meant to represent foreign hairstyles.

Some strange happenings hinted at in the background with a possible murder mystery (or is it?!) and of course the spooky newcomers in the village. The character designs are clearly not what I had expected of a horror show and made me think of CLAMP, based on their reputed style and my relatively recent watch of their handiwork in Blood-C. A bit of bad karaoke for the ed - it is not often I skip end credits but I'll have to make an exception for this.

Overall that was very more-ish and I had to hold off watching the next one heh.


Magical Girl
Episode 1

As a first time viewer I had no pre-conceptions really at all on this one, first 2-3 episodes of any show are usually kind of setup for me where I get to gel with the setup a bit, get a feel for it, and see who is who.

Megumi is trying her best to be out-of-place, even rumours of murders from her friends are met with "don't care" replies. I can't think that tiny umbrella she has is doing much to keep her in the shade. I thought exactly as you did @Geriatric hedgehog , she reminded me heavily of a certain pink haired yandere of Future Diary fame.

Ash Ketchum stops chasing Pokemon and gets a job as a police officer for a change of pace.

That new family are clearly very suspicious, certain aspects of this episode seem to suggest the presence of your standard horror supernatural elements such as vampires and werewolves. Moving into the house at the dead of night, talk of wild dogs, anemia, and of course the house itself is a creepy castle which gives off mist even in the daylight.

The wacky hairstyles in this though, you weren't wrong! 🤣

Poor Megumi is the first victim who wasn't a side character.

Interested to see where this goes next!


Magical Girl
Episode 2

Lots of stuff happened here, still chewing on events, but I like this kind of thing where you have to try and work out what's going on.

What is clear is that there are lots of people dying, a lot more than usual, and they mentioned the last time this happened notably was about 20 years before, although they also said there were quite a few deaths the year before the current one.

They suspect a pandemic, but I think it's clear there is more going on, and the castle is at the centre of it all somehow.

I wonder if we'll get at least one death per episode! 🤔