Semi Finals - Battle Two: Yomiko vs. Osaka

Semi Final: Battle Two

  • YOMIKO (R.O.D.)

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So, Spike Speigal is going through to the three-way showdown, but who shall be his opponents? This week, slogging each other for the honour we have the vivicious line-up of the ever-victorious Osaka fighting a slightly less clueless Yomiko Readman. Good luck to both competitors.

Remember to vote and post, as always. Since it is the semi-final, this week I have no thread of the lascivious mistress of darkness herself, Mangaminx, to plug, so instead I'll say that next week will be one of the most enjoyable rounds yet.

And now, for the catchphrase - Happy voting!


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If Yomiko can't defeat Osaka with paper alone she could always smash her to pieces with that HUGE suitcase she seems to wheel around effortlessly.


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come on ppl we need more votes for Osaka. how can anyone beat her she so crazy and abit scarey (see the ep where she has the knife)


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Yomiko for me. ROD is on my list of favourite anime. Plus she can control paper, turn it into a weapon, protect herself with it, yadda yadda.


i vote for Osaka, i haven't yet seen the R.o.D yet so i can't vote for it...well i can, but it wouldn't make much sense
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