Selling some anime and manga from my collection (incl. Cardcaptor Sakura DVD and Utena DVD Right Stuf Collector's Sets) :) Updated Thursday 03/09/2020

Hello, I am wondering if anyone wants to buy any of the following, all of which I own and am looking to sell, all prices exclude P&P and I will only ship within the UK mainland, I apologise for this, I also do not want to split any of the complete sets, all Blu-rays are Region B UK unless otherwise stated, all the manga I am selling is translated into English and all the anime I am selling are English language market releases with an English dub and/or the original Japanese with English subtitles, more details are provided with each title on the list, payment is via Paypal and I use Hermes to ship usually to keep prices down for you but am happy to use a different courier if you request it (can also possibly do collection if you will collect from me, I live in Brighton), and please feel free to ask about condition if it is a concern for you (I do always check things over myself but it helps to know what kinds of faults are unacceptable to a particular customer), also no holds, I have a lot more manga and anime to sell but am starting with these items:

Cardcaptor Sakura DVD Clow Book digipack US Region 1 Geneon/Pioneer Episodes 1-35 sub only - £40

Cardcaptor Sakura DVD Australian Region 4 Madman Entertainment release the complete series in 2 parts sub only - £40

Ceres Celestial Legend DVD US Region 1 the complete series in 2 parts dub and sub Viz Media release - £15

Chihayafuru Season 1 DVD Australian Region 4 Season 1 Siren Visual release complete in 2 parts sub only (this was released before Sentai licenced it in US and created the English dub) - £12

Martian Successor Nadesico DVD US Region 1 dub and sub complete series brick pack ADV films release - £12

Noein - to your other self DVD US Region 1 Manga Entertainment dub and sub complete series boxset - the "box" is flimsy and a bit scuffed so I'll do this for £5

Princess Tutu DVD US Region 1 ADV films complete series boxset dub and sub (IDK what the name for the type of case is but it's more like a brick not an artbox with singles or a thinpak) - £25

Revolutionary Girl Utena Right Stuf/Nozomi US DVD Region 1 dub and sub COMPLETE collector's sets with rigid boxes and art/interview booklets included, 3 sets contain the complete series and the movie plus all Ikuhara commentaries and an extras disc - £80

Fruits Basket COMPLETE Tokyopop manga volumes 1-23 acceptable condition - £69

Knights of Sidonia COMPLETE manga volumes 1-15 mostly very good condition a couple of volumes are more like good condition - £45

Limit (by Keiko Suenobu) COMPLETE manga volumes 1-6 mostly very good condition one is ex library with stickers and stamps - £18

Monkey High COMPLETE manga volumes 1-8 - £24

Blade of the Immortal manga volumes 1-21 and volume 
25 - £75 the lot

D.N.Angel manga Tokyopop Volumes 1-8 - £24 the lot

Maoh Juvenile Remix manga volumes 1-7 - £21 the lot

Vampire Knight manga volumes 1-10 very good condition - £30 the lot

Thankyou for taking the time to read this!
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Yes, they are the English Viz Editions, I am sorry I should have specified that all manga I am selling is in English. I will check the condition of the volumes and get back to you :)


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Yes, they are the English Viz Editions, I am sorry I should have specified that all manga I am selling is in English. I will check the condition of the volumes and get back to you :)

It’s okay! We just have a couple of sellers here who also sell Japanese editions, so wanted to be sure (doesn’t help that Viz kept the Japanese title for their release!). :)
OK, so I checked them over - the bad news is a page in volume 8 is falling out so that one's no good to anyone unless they're like me and take pride in mending their secondhand manga with scotch tape crying a river of tears emoji. I mean otherwise the volume looks nice but that's a fatal flaw really. The good news (at least I think it is good news) is that all the other volumes are in good to very good secondhand condition - a couple have some slight bending at the corners but like, shelf wear type I mean it's slight not like "who on earth folded a crease in this book! :<" There's a bit of dent in the cover of volume four but it's small and only noticeable if you look closely, and some volumes have price stickers from Dave's comics and/or Dave's Bargain books (they are relatively small and unobtrusive and my understanding is that there are products specifically designed to remove these without leaving a mark if you don't want them on there?), one volume has a partly removed price sticker as well, no damage done to the book or cover itself but I can see how it could be considered unseemly visually. No worries if you are not happy with that, no-one is under any obligation to buy from me, I can also send photos but might have to wait a bit as I have another buyer who wants photos of Fruits Basket so I should sort that out before this as they approached me first. Thankyou for taking an interest :)


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@RadFemHedonist Thanks for the detailed response! It’s a shame to hear about the condition of Volume 8, would there perhaps be any movement on the price considering that or is £30 the lowest you’re willing to accept? :)