Selling BDs & Stuff

Just trying to sell a few things

Rurouni Kenshin Season 1 [DVD] [AUS Release] - £15 + £4 (The set is kinda big, and requires to be sent in a box) (Reserved)
Images of the set

Black Butler Book of Circus [BD] (Austrailian Standard) - £8 + £2 P&P

Black Butler Book of Circus [BD] (Austrailian Standard) (Case slightly damaged) - £7 + £2 P&P

Noein [BD] - £10 + £3 P&P

Overlord Film 2 - The Dark Hero [BD] (Japanese Limited Edition) - £25 + £3 P&P
This set does not have English subtitles, and is still wrapped new. There is slight damage to the top right, and bottom right of the front of the set, which are small little creases.

Content wise the film is the 2nd recap film for the Overlord TV series, and includes edited scenes, and some new scenes in preparation for Season 2. It is mostly aimed at Overlord fans.

Ping Pong The Animation [BD] (Australian Standard) - £5 + £2 P&P
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