Clearing out some Blu-rays and DVDs


Just trying to sell a few things

Black Butler Book of Circus
[BD] (Austrailian Standard) (Case slightly damaged) - £4
Overlord Film 2 - The Dark Hero [BD] (Japanese Limited Edition) - £20
This set does not have English subtitles, and is still wrapped new. There is slight damage to the top right, and bottom right of the front of the set, which are small little creases.

Content wise the film is the 2nd recap film for the Overlord TV series, and includes edited scenes, and some new scenes in preparation for Season 2. It is mostly aimed at Overlord fans.
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions S1 [BD] - £8
Tenchi Muyo War on Geminar Limited Edition - £40

Soul Eater NOT [DVD] Sealed
- £5
Squid Girl S1 [DVD] - £4
Twelve Kingdoms Collection 2 [DVD] (US) (case broken) - £3
Neon Genesis Evangelion 2003 DVD BOX [DVD] (JP) (no dub/sub) - £30 + £3 postage (its large)

(Reminder the manga is Used so there may be small imperfections, and yellowing to pages.) (Some of these manga volumes I've owned for like 8-10 years so may have some physical damage. If your concerned about that ask me about any of the specific manga, and I can send pictures)

Soul Eater vols 1-8 - £15

(I do have a bunch of random manga volumes, but at the prices I'd sell them at I can't justify selling them by their own.)
(These Manga vols are either require £1.50 postage each, or get free postage when bought with another item that isn't another manga volume)

Nura Rise of the Yokai Clan vols 1-3 - £3
Tegami Bachi vols 1-2 £3
Fate Stay Night vol 1 - £1
Death Note Black Edition 1 - £1.5
Vampire Knight vol 1-2 and 7-8 - £4 for all, or £1.50 each
Record of a Fallen Vampire - £1.50
Black Butler vols 2-3 - £2.5
Spice and Wolf vol 1-2 £3.5

BLK Huke Selected Works Artbook
- £30 + £5 shipping (It's a heavy A4 240page Illustration book)
(This is the artbook of the illustrator for Black Rock Shooter, and Steins;Gate. The Book is focused specifically on these two, but also has other illustrations he has done. I can provide photos if needed)
Zelda Wind Waker Collector's Walkthrough (Slightly Damaged) - £15(Still has its cloth map never touched)
Nintendo Skull Kid promotional figure - £10(This is the figure that was given if you orders Majora's Mask 3DS from the Nintendo Store.)
Zelda Link Between Worlds Original Soundtrack - £10 (The OST that was for sale on the Nintendo Club store)
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Updated. Removed things that have sold, and updated the price on some.

Feel free to try and haggle a bit if you wish. Feel free to ask for pictures


Updated with some Manga, and other stuff such as

Bloodborne Nightmare Edition
BLK Huke Selected Works Art Book
and more

Also updated the price on the AoA Madoka volumes