[Sale] Anime Dakimakura DHR6000


Hello AnimeUKNews Community,

First off all, I'm not precisely sure where I should post something like this, so apologies to the threads and the mods if this is not the case. In addition, if this is not the right place to post, I'd appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction.

I have ordered the DHR6000 from Japan through proxy service FromJapan. The order will arrive to me in a couple of days and I am looking to sell it to someone who is interested in buying. I intend to keep the product in the box as it is - brand new, unopened - but I can also open it and provide photos if desired. Buyers from UK would be preferable as that is also where I live right now.

As for price, due to the cost + shipping + import tax I would like to price this deal at £130. We can negotiate on nearest offers if you would like.

Please contact me if you are interested, thank you!