Round Two, Battle Three: Guts vs. Char

Round Two, Battle Three: Guts vs. Char

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For the second week of the second round, the extraordinary powerful Guts of Berserk and the iconic pilot Char of Gundam will battle for a place in the final six.

The rule, as always, is to please comment on who you vote for. Mangaminx is eating out tonight, so in her absence we have Yomiko vs. Sakura. Make sure to vote on both threads. ;)

Happy voting. :)

Rurouni H

Student Council President
Look at Char - he's practically hypnotising you to vote for him! Besides, does Guts throw large asteriods at Earth? I think not*...

*He doesn't right? I've not read/seen Berserk.


Ghost of Animes
This is a tough one for me.. A battle between two of my all time favourite anime characters but Guts just shaves it, mainly because he is the star of my favourite series. I wish this could have been the final!


Dandy Guy, in Space
I haven't seen Gundam, but Guts wins hands-down anyway, because I defy you to find a single anime character that could actually kill him outright.


School Idol
Guts gets my vote, he's one of the most compelling anime characters to ever grace the genre, and he's well 'ard ;).


Death Scythe
although i haven't seen either show i voted for Guts in way of apology for not voting for him last time around.

plus, as was pointed out earlier, he's "well 'ard"! ;)
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