Round Two, Battle One: Spike vs. Shinji

Round Two, Battle One: Spike vs. Shinji

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It's crunch time as Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop collide head to head for the first week of the second round, both of them vying for a position in the third round.

The rules remain; please leave a comment after your vote (or even if you follow the path of abstainance) with the reason for choosing such a character. Mangaminx is offering another sizzling pot of epic goodness this week, as Major Motoko Kusangi faces off against Kino. Please vote here, too.

Good luck to all competitors and voters as we enter the second stage of the battle.


Dandy Guy, in Space
Honestly a tricky decision, given Shinji's building-demolishing weapon of choice, but Spike has the smarts and ability to confront Shinji while he's away from his Eva- at school, or at home. In a straight up mano-e-mano fight, Spike wins hands-down.

Solaris Phoenix

Brigade Leader
This is tricky- if Spike had his own Eva, I reckon his skills in martial arts would lead his offensive capabilities to so much higher than Shinji's, even with Eva-01 in Bersek mode. Seeing as he doesn't, though, I don't think the Swordfish would withstand much, if any punishment from Big Purple Toothy 'Bot.

Outside of machines, though, I think Spike would completely overpower Shinji, mentally as well as physically. Spike's seen angst, he knows how to deal with it and I reckon he'd be able to run rings around him. So yeah, I vote for Spike.
Unit 0 said:
Chomolungma, did you draw that picture of Spike? If you di its very good.

Thanks :D But it's not to be, it was just a nice image I found and used rather than official art or a screencap for a change. My drawing skills are virtually non-existant. ;) I like that image too, it's really very good.
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