Rightstuf 25 dvds for $100 deal back on


Combat Butler
www.rightstuf.com have just resumed their periodic 10 dvds for $50 or 25 dvds for $100 offer. The publisher whos titles you can choose from this time is ADV and includes titles like Macross and the starter sets that will probably never see the light of day over here. So if you're after some cheap dvds and don't mind importing R1s it might be a good idea to have a look.

And just as a warning their international shipping is excessive, $15 for the first disc and $3 for each additional one, so the shipping will be $42 for 10 dvds and $87 for 25 dvds. Still can't complain about getting 25 anime dvds for less than £100 though.

The offer is on until February 6th and the coupon codes are:

ADVsuper10 for 10 dvds
ADVsuper25 for 25 dvds

I hope you can get something your looking for :)