Review = Naruto Uncut Special Limited Edition Box-set 1 !!

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Hey :)

The holidays were making me seriously bored so i felt like doing a review for the US version of the LE version for those (mostly the Naruto Fans here) who may be curious as to how it is, and how the UK version may also be similar to it.
i have taken the time to take pictures of the actual product and also took screenshots from the DVD. (the quality of the Screen-shots are obviously more lower than the actual Video.)

so enjoy and if you have any questions/comments please do reply.

This box-set contains 13 uncut episodes and the episode disc count is 5,4,4.

-Remember, to see a bigger picture just click on them-


I must say, from the look of it, it may look great and solid. however when you get your hands on it, you realise that it is fairly 'weak' and somewhat 'flismy' but not too much.

As you can see from the 3rd picture that there are two 'boxes' inside the 'art-box' thing. Just to let you know, the actual uncut dvd box is placed inside and is the same as the actual normal version of the dvd boxset you get to buy seperatly. and the special 'box' which contains the 'extra' items is not actually a box. but a rather flimsy 3 sided cardboard, just made to seperate the contents.

a pic of all the extra items taken out.(you can also see the 3 sided cardboard in the back.)
Now to the actual dvd box-set.

It is made of the same material and has the same metallic gold shine to it. it looks nice, and the orange design on the cover is slightly embossed. also on the spine the logo and writting is embossed.

Here is a picture of all the contents taken out of the DVD box case. As you can see you get a book which is a storyboard for episode 8. And the actual dvd fold-out set :eek:
Also here are 2 random pictures from the storyboard. it is quite good, and is in full japanese.


The actual design inside of the dvd fold out is quite good. it has the picture of the
previous Hokage's in sculpture form from from the mountains, and each disc has full colour with a character on each disc.

also here is a picture of the fold out dvd's cover art work. a good thing was that they used the original dvd cover art from the original R2 japanese release and not some waste made up art-work :) (*ahem* edited version anyone*)

Technical/Actuall DVD content

One thing i liked about these dvd's were the menu screens. Each disc has a different character shown, and every 10 seconds or so that caracter will change into a different pose. Also the access time between screens are fast and there is music playing in the background. Here are pics of the 3 menu screens from each discs. (i didn't take a picture of each pose as it will take too long.)


One thing i was glad to see is that the picture quality was really good. it was crisp & smooth and so far i have noticed no problems. here are some random Screen-shots.


Another good point to this release is that the subtitiles were 100% accurate and is something the fans will be pleased to see. they are written in a clean font with a soft yellow colour to them. Also, during the intro (R.O.C.K.S) there are subtitles at the top of the screen translating the lyrics, but no translating subs for the outro, since it is in english. (however there were no Kareoke sing-along type subtitiles, even in the extras! :cry: )


The extra's for this dvd release are in the 3rd disc and are ok i suppose. one thing that i was suprised to see was that there were no kareoke/textless intro-outro songs
here is a pic showing the extra's.


side notes

overall the quality in sound and picture wise is very good and there were no problems whatsoever. however i felt that the extra's could have been much better, and also the packaging could have been miles better.
Fans will not be dissapointed with the translation of the show.
One thing that annoyed me (and was somewhat minor) was the inclusion of ''Shonen Jump's'' above everytime the Naruto logo is shown.
one thing that i was somewhat dissapointed to see was that whenever Japanese text is shown on the screen, there are no subtitles translating what it is saying. (one scene i remember is when Sakura is explaining about chakra during the training on the trees. and from the fansub version it translated the writing on the side of the scroll which read something like ''Sakura's notes'' or something among those lines. but this version has no translations whatsoever)
For those waiting for the UK release should be getting the exact same DVD features, and judging from and other places, the UK version has the textless intro/outro's (this could mean that there may be sing-along subs).
All i hope is that the next box-set wil come out soon and if possible have a higher episode count and a better Limited edition version.

Thanks for reading and please do leave reply's and stuff.


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No subs for onscreen text is annoying, Manga wont be adding them as usual for our release :evil: .

The packaging looks great, especially the disc art :D

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yeah the disc art does look cool.
i never knew Manga never had subs for onscreen text unlike ADV, and MVM (or Madman)
looking forward to more comments ^_^