Retro Anime Podcast - Episode 34 'How Long Were You Alone With That Dog'

Hi Everyone,

Lewis and I will be recording Episode 7 of the podcast next week.

We will be taking a look at Yoshiyuki Tomino's legendary Ideon franchise with reviews of the two Ideon movies - A Contact and Be Invoked.

Any questions or comments regarding these anime or anything else we've discussed on the podcast please leave a reply here.


Hi Ian. Finally took the time to listen in (really should have listened in sooner. I tend to get into too many things at once so tend to miss things unfortunately). Really enjoyed your first pod cast and will listen in on the next few in the days to come. I'm really just dropping a response to say thank you for bringing older anime to light. I can't say I grew up with early anime (33 years and counting) and really my genesis comes about the early 2000's watching a mix of pre-millenium and post millenium anime (actually knew of anime prior to pokemon, but being limited in viewing and spending didn't get as much exposure as I did later on). Saying that the ones that hit me hardest were 80's and early 90's anime hence the love of the likes of BGC, Riding Bean and Cyber City Oedo.

Looking forward to the next pod casts and future ideas on past anime :)

Thank you :)
Hi Cudwieser,

Thank you for your post :) I'm really happy that you're enjoying the podcast. The anime I grew up with in the 80's and early 90's shaped my whole fandom so I wanted to give it some exposure and with Lewis I wanted to get a younger fans' view on it for perspective, so hopefully we'll provide some insight or new views to fellow retro anime fans such as yourself. Let me know what you think of the later episodes once you've listened to them.

Thanks for supporting the podcast.


Got episode six in today. Good to know the SF2 movie still holds up - it's been a long, long time since I've seen it and it's become something I was a bit hesitant to go back to, in case time had not been kind. I think I was a bit spoiled by the film in a way though; any other fighting game anime I've seen seems laughably bad by comparison. I am a bit intrigued by the Fatal Fury movie, as I know it generally has a good reputation, but as a huge fan of Shinkiro and his art for SNK from that era, I find Obari's character art style a bit difficult to accept.

Incidentally, on the subject of Obari, I spotted an interesting romanization of his name in the credits for AD Police recently:


Unsure if he was being pranked by the production staff or if he just secretly longs to be Irish...
Ha ha, that's amusing! I've never spotted that before. I'd love to think he was been pranked.

Glad you enjoyed the latest episode. SF2 still stands up really well and is still the best fighting game adaptation imho. Fatal Fury is good and I would say a runner up to SF2 but a lot better than Gowcaizer, SF Alpha, Art of Fighting et al. and I would recommend watching it, you do just need to get past the Obari character designs. I really like Obari's animation style but I know a lot of people don't. I need to replace my old DVD with the new Blu-ray version, the trailer looked stunning.
His family name is actually Oobari so I guess they were trying to represent the double vowel in a creative way back in the era where the rival factions were sparring over whether it was more correct to ignore double vowels and the pronunciation ramifications entirely, add random accents (macrons/circumflexes/anything goes), add extra letters ('h' just confuses me, personally) or risk the horrors of some random foreigner misprouncing 'oo' to rhyme with 'glue'. Ironically the Irish-style approach isn't the most terrible of these solutions, even if I've never seen it anywhere else. I guess it's consistent with using an apostrophe to break up words with syllables ending on an 'n'; such as the random-looking apostrophe in the official (IIRC) romanisation of Kon'ya Wa Hurricane to use an example with a similar vintage and translation team.

(I'm here to spoil jokes with rambling about transliteration.)

Yeah, I was aware that the kanji 大 (big) in his family name is actually oo (おお), I've seen his name written as oobari, ohbari and õbari (with a - rather than ~ over the o, which is the common romanisation of a double vowel sound) and most commonly obari in various anime he has worked on. Like you say the Japanese (and other translators for that matter) were probably trying to work out the best way of representing Masami's name in English.
Hi Everyone,

Lewis and I will be recording Episode 8 of the podcast next week.

We will be looking at vampire anime with reviews of the original Vampire Hunter D and Vampire Princess Miyu OVAs.

Any questions or comments regarding these anime or anything else we've discussed on the podcast please leave a reply here.


If it's not dragging the sequel too much into things, how do you feel about the way D is portrayed in the original, compared to Bloodlust? Admittedly, I've not seen the Japanese track for either and I'll guess that the Streamline dub probably isn't the most faithful adaptation, but I think he comes across as a very different character in each film.
That's a great question, I was going to talk a bit about Bloodlust as part of the review, so I'll tie your question into that.

Ever thought of putting these podcasts on Soundcloud?

Yes I have, I've had the first episode on there for a while and this week I put episodes 6 & 7 of the podcast on Soundcloud on Monday as part of their free limit while I look at the pro plans.
Looking forward to this one! I love both films and I have every one of Kikuchi's Vampire Hunter D novels (well all the ones Dark Horse released in English anyway, some aren't out yet). As for Miyu I recall enjoying it but I haven't seen it in some time.
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Excellent episode bud. I particularly liked the conversation about the different elements of the film such as the gothic Hammer horror-esque elements such as Lee's castle and the period costumes as well as the comparisons with the western genre and the sci-fi elements such as the laser rifles, defence systems and D's cyborg horse. Weirdly a lot of people don't really seem to discuss these elements when talking about the film quite often so it was good to hear them covered in some depth. I love your dedication, was cool that you read the original novel in preparation for your review. I agree that it's a pretty good adaptation and that it was wise not to bog the film down with a lot of the background the book has, you get enough of a sense of the universe from the dialogue and the title card. I do love that stuff in the book though, particularly all the things about the nobility solving lots of mankind's scientific problems and pioneering space travel. Kikuchi's a good author, I enjoyed the Wicked City novels as well.
Thank you for those kind compliments @Scrambled Valkyrie, really happy you enjoyed the episode.

I really enjoyed the novel and I definitely want to read some more of them, will check out the Wicked City ones as well.
Hi Everyone,

Lewis and I will be recording the next episode of the podcast at the weekend with reviews of Horus - Prince of the Sun and Panda! Go, Panda!

Any questions or comments regarding these anime or anything else we've discussed on the podcast please leave a reply here.