Rate the last anime you watched out of 10

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My-Hime - Volume 3 and 4. the plot gets thicker and the differences between the manga and the anime are more apparent now.
Last night I finished up watching the fifth disc of My-Hime. My opinion of the show went from "hey, this is all right" to "ZOMG, this is rather awesome". It all hits the fan in epic fashion. The wait for the final volume (I'm renting via mail) will be a painful one.

9/10 for those five episodes.
I've just finished volume 5 myself. Can you believe Mikoto defeats Akira and killed Tokiha's brother??? I agree with you, after volume 5 it moved from It's good to it's great! I'm half way through Volume 6, which is keeping the good work. I know understand why some people are so eagerly awaiting for My-Otome to come out.
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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


Loved it, its very random, very funny and has the odd moment of sci-fi thrown in as well, brilliant stuff!
Wolf's Rain


Enjoyed the series, most of the characters were likable and the story at least had a finish and an end. There were times when I got bored but all in all it was an entertaining watch. Don't know if it's worth the hype it was getting at the time of it's release.

Definately worth a watch mind.
Berserker said:
Hellsing OVA Part 2


I like lots of violence, plus the part when Alucard transforms is amazing

Seconded. A vast improvement on the first ova. The visuals are a lot better, with less dodgy CGI and lots more smooth animation, while the action is raised a notch too. Bring on volume 3!
Now as far as mushy shows go I'm far from a connoissuer but this was heavily reccommended and I actually thought it was brilliant. The plot was touching, seeing them gradually grow apart. The animation was stunning, at one point I actually spilt my tea! (when the rocket took off)
Watch this. 8/10
That is all
Metropolis: 6-7/10 (rated 7/10 on MAL)

Another in a long line of over-hyped and disappointing anime films. It looked great (I didn't like the cartoony character designs, mind) but lacked a soul and the entire cast lacked any real depth. Just like the story lacked originality, the characters all had only one side to them. The only character I liked was Rock because he seemed to be more than a cardboard cutout, but in the end he was just a character with a father complex who did everything out of obsessive love for his 'father'.

It was watchable thanks to its high production values but, at the end of the day, it was just another story about a robot coming close to destroying its creator. Very much a watch and forget film. I actually nearly fell asleep when I tried to watch it last night...

Ah! My Goddess: 7-8/10 (rated 7/10 on MAL)

I liked the slice of life parts and disliked the supernatural stuff. All the talk about programs, viruses and the random appearance of a gigantic 'tree' AND monster made it difficult to follow. In short, the first half was as good as the TV series but the last half, which focused on poorly fleshed out baddies and daft supernatural stuff let it down. It's an enjoyable watch for fans but I wouldn't recommend it to someone who isn't familiar with the TV series.
Kurokami (Black God) episode 1

I'm actully impressed with it. A likable main lead who seem useless, a female character who gets her head bashed against the the car and suffers a blow from a baseball bat. Random Deaths... They were actually paced quite well. There were one line that seem obvious and cringing. Honestly, why say that to the person you only just met?


White Album episode 1

...I'm having a hard time to choose. But if I had to choose a favourite from the Winter Anime 2009 between White Album and Kurokami, it would be White Album so far. I'm very impressed with the first episode, since there's no moe or loli ****. The relationship is actually realistic and being a boyfriend of a pop singer is more hassle than beneficial. They can hardly spend time together and that's what I love about it. It's realistic.


Akikan episode 1

...this anime is...

one of the worse I've seen in a long time. The plot is just a excuse for fanserive, the concept of soda cans transforming into girls is fanservice, the main lead is a virgin guy who desperately wants to lose his virginity and tries to seduce them and 'touching their boob' is fanservice and mad girls throwing balls of carbon dioxide is fanservice. The animation is clearly unsuperior and the characters are unlikable.

AVOID. I feel sorry for someone if they actually enjoy it

Orguss 02 - 9/10

One of those mecha anime that's more about the characters than the giant robots. And it's all the better for it.

Since it's only six episodes, the story moves at a cracking pace, and is full of twists and tension. Its dark, realistic (if you overlook the giant robots, of course) depiction of war reminds me of Gundam, and it's brought to life by similarly excellent characterization. I particularly enjoy the dynamic between the utterly brilliant Manning, who must rank as one of anime's greatest characters, and the young reluctant solider Lean. The characters change, but not in a way that it feels contrived or predictable.

The animation is good, but it's the gorgeous, intricately detailed character designs that really stood out for me. They were done by Haruhiko Mikimoto of Macross, Gunbuster, and Gundam 0080, so it's no wonder I love them.

Orguss 02 is an absolute classic. They really don't make them like this any more; today's mecha anime is seemingly all about packing in as many pretty boys and girls and whiny emo teenagers as possible. This can be had for four quid: buy it before it goes out of print.
Fate/Stay Night - 8/10

Very much liked the story behind the anime: Magus and old heros fighting side-by-side in a tournament to seek the Holy Grail, which grants a wish to victorious Mage and Servant.

I'm quite suprised how the main characters keep getting beat up in this show, but the fights and characters were good. I felt that nearer the end of the series, they sped it up a few times, but it wasn't bad as they did retrack on the important events in it. So it still made sense.

The animation was good standard with nothing too flashy or spoilt the viewing.

The voice cast was good. I woudn't say the greatest, but each one fit its part. Just some scenes could have had that bit more "pow" to it, but it wasn't often.

The 1st intro and the ending was good, but I was pouting at the 2nd intro. Sometimes it made no sense in terms of within the animation, but the song wasn't bad... just not brilliant.

So yes, a close favourite of mine. Saber will always be epic to me. :D
I actually thought the 2nd OP was better in Fate/ Stay Night :p What surprised me with that show was getting rid of Archer at the halfway point Yet they still shown him fighting Emyria during the op...
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Paranoia Agent - 8/10

Well that confused the crap out of me. Listen, Mr Kon, just because you know what's going on (possibly), doesn't mean the rest of us mere mortals do. Most people are not blessed with the ability to look inside your head and discern some sense from all the madness within, so please make yourself a little clearer next time. For everything I did understand, there was something that left me bewildered.

Paranoia Agent must be the most technically accomplished TV show Madhouse have ever animated. The character animation is often excellent, particular the faces, and some of the visual creativity is astounding. And the show is genuinely unsettling at times, more so than any "horror" anime I've ever seen. A great show, then, but also a frustrating one.
I am assuming nobody will mind me doing this more than once, so...


I decided to watch this anime with great timing if I may say so myself, after getting extremely annoyed (as I do) after seeing the happy, happy ending and grave general 'sappyness' of Buso Renkin recently, this was quite simply perfect. It really does do exactly what it says on the tin (there is no tin). Gokudo, the character, is exactly the opposite to your usual main shonen/adventure hero. The great thing about this anime is, (if you ever watch something like Naruto, Bleach, Buso Renkin etc you will know what I am talking about) instead of, normally, when the main hero is in a fight, or getting into one, you will see him charge in, loads of flashbacks, "protect my friends" etc (which really pisses me off after a while), in Gokudo, The main character 'Gokudo' will quite simply run away, or, more often than not, grab some near my shiny objects, THEN run away, or, at least, make a good attempt at doing so. Depite him (or her, for a good percentage of the series) doing this sort of thing, he does do some ass-kicking as well, which is always nice. So yeh, perfect to watch after a typical Shonen fighting show.

Noein: 9/10.

Really good, CG stuff looks a bit out of place sometimes, and some of the Shangri'la soldiers look really stupid... Especially the small ones that enter Haruka's house. Other than that, good stuff. I particularly liked the sketchy animation which was used at certain points in fight scenes.
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The word "Noein" and the number 9 seem somehow linked. Why is it that thinking of Noein causes people to visualize the number 9? Why not 8? Is there a supernatural force at work?
You're under arrest - 8/10

It's a fun, light hearted series. A good anime comedy from the creator of Ah My goddess, the line of humour is somewhat similar, so if you don't like AMG, this is not for you. On the other hand, if you like AMG, this is probably a must see =) the english dubs is a little frustrating though.

Aion said:
The word "Noein" and the number 9 seem somehow linked. Why is it that thinking of Noein causes people to visualize the number 9? Why not 8? Is there a supernatural force at work?
My-HiME - 7/10

The plot is standard fantasy fare: convoluted nonsense involving schoolgirls, magic, mystical beasts and a load of other crap that is not particularly interesting nor well explained. What's worse is that much of the show's first half is weighed down with lame comedy like the panty thief and cooking episodes.

But just past the half-way point the story takes a darker turn and suddenly I found myself hooked. It's pure, shameless melodrama -- the characters are put through the emotional wringer like you wouldn't believe -- but I was more than happy to be manipulated. Unfortunately, the ending is pure cheese, and by that point it had become apparent that My-HiME's theme was love and how important it is and how it can save us and blah blah blah I want to vomit now.

The show looks really nice, though, with well animated action scenes and some decent character designs. Overall it exceeded my initial expectations, but the ending was disappointing and I could have done without much of the "comedy".