Rant time....Naruto style

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Rukario said:
Good things about Naruto:
and not to mention the most recent in the manga [Don't read if you don't read the manga guys. Asuma dying and his final words to his team.

I think that was the sadest storyline of one of the characters dieing so far. But damm Shika for smoking!

I would agree that Naruto is not the easyest anime to get into, however its not going to be everyones cup of tea. I personaly love it, although I hate the filler. The characters have very complex emoutions and background and each one lives through morels and learns from others. IN some ways you see them mature and grow up before your eyes.

In some ways i'm much more of a manga person then an anime when it comes to Naruto. But I think Naruto would be popular even without the hype that come with it.
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Only just watched the first 13 epi so cant say much but its a fun series.
Its far from my fav its never going to be great a series that runs that long will never be a great series. Still its uplifting compared to most the anime I watch so I like to watch it so I dont get too deprresed no what im saying. I do think the fights are either cool or crap depanding on how im feeling. Its like fight go on for a long time and its like "aha got you. Oh no...huh that was a clone aha nothing can beat me but wait it was another clone" and so on its just some times I think just get a gun shoot him in the friggin head save us 40mins of his got him no he hasent yes he has no hasent rubbish. But on a good day its just fun to watch and funny.