PS3 on pre- order at - £549.99 (with 3 games)

Over half a grand with three meh looking games?! Anybody who buys that must be seriously out of their mind.
wow thats far far far to much for a consule. i would rather spend that much and maybe a little extra (not much more) on a nice ibook laptop.
That price is kind of out there and can only make for more popularity for the 360 and the extremly cheap wii
??500+ is just too much for a console, though I suspect it will still be a best seller due to rich people/fanboys/spoilt kids who get anything they want/first adopters.
I'll happily watch from the sidelines how the console war goes on. Despite the cheapness of the Wii - I won't be buying it either. Looks like a Xbox360 for me!
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It will be interesting to sit back and watch like I always do. I am not in the market for a next gen console untill they haev a coupel of revisions and are about to be superseeded, lol.
£549 is too ryo said, you could probably get parts for your computer to make it up to the PS3 lvls with it. I won't be buying it unless the price drops by a couple hundred. So until that happens its just a 360 and the nintendo Wii that i will have..well once the nintendo wii is released that is.
I was considering buying the ps3 this xmas but half a grand for a console and three games. Two of which I know I will never play seems pointless. Thats really bad but then I imagine Game and the like will only be selling the Ps3 in packages this coming xmas just like they did with the xbox 360. They refused to sell unless it was in bundle with the only 10 avialable games at the time for near on 800 quid.

Never did buy the xbox 360 even when it went down to reasonable prices in feb/march.
My advice, don't count out sony. Thats the 60gig version, so wait and get the 20gig version, which is between 300-350, okay. and games are gonna cost £50, but people are going to buy them from asda and morrison for £40
neptune2venus said:
spoilt kids who get anything they want

I was going to say just that... There are some people, young children usually who get anything they want, on credit of course, it's quite sickening... Yes the price tag is ridiculous, but i don't think it will be such a big failure as anyone says... there are a lot more of these kind of brats than you think, and most of the country is in debt... I'm getting a Wii ^^, i've stuck with Nintendo through my life, and it's not going to change now. (Although i bought a PS2 just for Final Fantasy and the RPG's... and GTA (which was a massive let-down imo)).
GTA sucks. Its flippin crap, nicking cars get way too old and a stupid plot. Stupid gangsters should jump off a cliff and die. Take the wanabees with them
The rumours going around are that the 360 will have a price cut of up to £100, they're only rumours but it would make perfect sense for Microsoft to do it in the run-up to the PS3 launch, putting an even greater price difference between the two.