Pokemon Platinum


Has anyone got it and what do you think of it so far?

It's out today and I plan to buy it after I've done my exam on Tuesday.


Just got it myself actually so i'm just gonna give it a try now. I'll update the post when i've made a bit of ground.


Baka Ranger
From all my research/searching I've done without owning it, it seems to be like D/P but generally BETTER with more pokémon and better balance (Sinnoh is like 90% land and has like 20 water pokémon and two fire pokémon, wtf?) It's either this or Bionic Commando, I'm torn and I don't use an R4.


I had it when it hit America. It's great. I found it more enjoyable that D/P.

Much nicer selection of Pokemon now too. You can get Scyther really early on :twisted:


Baka Ranger
I own Pearl, brother owns Diamond. Unless it becomes cheap, and I sudden complete Pearl. I'll get it, otherwise no. Knowing my brother, though, at some point within the month (or next) it'll turn up at the house.


Right, i've only just got the first gym badge but i've found the game really quite addictive. Probably no surprise there. Very enjoyable though. Only thing i found myself annoyed with was that i got the game with my student discount at GAME, but went into Tesco a minute ago and saw it for 25 quid, which was still cheaper than what i got it for. Still...game points..won't complain.

evangelion rocks

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Got it on release!^_^;.It's tons of fun and good to just pick up and play whenever.I find myself playing it most at 1 in the morning though....I have no idea why..0_o


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Feels about the same as Diamond/Pearl to me. Similar relation as the other games, Yellow to Red + Blue, Crystal to Gold + Silver and Emerald to Ruby + Sapphire.