Persona Trinity Soul


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The anime been released in Japan recentley, so I went to check it out on *coughsitescough*

If you must now, Trinity Soul is the sequel to Persona 3, which been released on Playstation 2 in Japan on 2006, and August 2007. We're still waiting for a UK release by Koei >.>

So far, Trinity Soul had a good start. Though the 1st episode haven't explained the use of persona, which leaves newcomers slightly confused. The characters are pretty decent so far, and from what people said, there were cameos in it from the P3 game (though I didn't notice)

So I'll keep ahead with the series. Did anyone else enjoyed the episode?


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Haven't played the game or know anything about it, so was somewhat sceptical about watching it as game/ show tie ins are mediocre at best . Now just as sceptical as it is as mediocre as i expected. While i 'get' the basic premise sort of under whelmed by it. Will give it a few more episodes to woo me but with about 10 plus unwatched DVD's it isn't too high on my list.


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i haven't played nor owned Persona so when I was watching it, it's quite confusing but I will still keep watching it coz it's quite interesting....