Old Drawings

Mr B

Student Council President
Found some old drawings so thought I'd share :)

Drawn during my final year at school in '92 - copied from the front cove of Dark Horse Comics Alien Vs Predator mag.

Three drawing of friends from where I used to work.



The first one was drawn directly useing pens - A3 size.

For the last three I did a rough pencil scetch first then inked over - probably less than 1hr each, start to finnish - A5 size.
Two more old ones...

This is a photocopy of the original line drawing before it was painted and given to my nephew as a present. Cheated a little as the comic page was a direct copy from a Batman GN. Will have to see if he still has the original and get a photo, as it was a pain trying to match the CG colour gradients on the page useing acrylic paint. A3 size

Another copied image - This was taken from the front cover art on Sega's original Taz game for the Mega Drive. roughly 12"x12"