Ninja resurrection


Death Scythe
Depends if you like good samurai anime or whether you like samurai anime that's so bad you get entertainment value out of thinking "How was this allowed to be made?"

Ninja Resurrection is one of the worst anime shows I've ever seen - so much so that the very stupidity and ridiculousness of it was in itself entertaining. If you pick it up cheap with the intention of having a laugh over it with your friends, it's fun. Otherwise steer well clear of it.


The Boss
get ninja scroll instead. At some point, ninja ressurection was marketed as a sequel do ninja scroll, even though they are completely unrelated.

The one thing in commom is Jubey Yagyu, but he is simply a cheap character (meaning, you don't have to explain anything as every japanese boy and girl knows that Jubey Yagyu kick ass).


Thousand Master
I remember this one. Unfortunately :( Really is bargain bin material. Unless excessive gore is all you want over say, character development, plot and an ending that makes sense, then I concur with Martin. AVOID.
It's been a while since I watched Ninja Resurrection, but I don't remember it being quite as bad as most people say. There's not much in the way of plot, true, but the design work and action scenes are impressive. It was produced by team Giant Robo which explains the stylistic similarities, if not the excessive gore and sex ^_^;


Death Scythe
I must concede that the sight of a ninja wearing a suit of armour that has its own built-in rocket pack is something you don't see every day... :shock: