New Manga licences announced


Straw Hat Pirate
VoxPhantom said:
As for Clannad, haven't seen it yet so not sure whether to import the BDs when I can play them, or just wait on the DVDs.

Personally, I believe if you have the option, Kyoani's recent works, going back to Kanon, have been worth watching in HD, as they put a lot of effort into the visuals generally (even if not quite as much as say the attention to detail UFOTable applied to the lighting for the KnK series).

It's why I think it's unfortunate with Clannad, the series is worth owning, and I'd actually like to be able to reward Manga for picking it up, but as I can play the superior BD release and they're not doing one...

Neither am I, but my brother absolutely LOVES the show, so if I could get a UK/Region B copy, it's easier for me. As it stands its not at the top of my priorities to buy just yet, but I shall own it one day.


Dannielle said:
Glad to see Clannad getting a release, as well as the rest of Hetalia.
You'll be delighted to learn that After Story will also be licensed here. Its release will coincide with the opening of the HS2 line.


State Alchemist
alexrose1uk said:
Shame they're not releasing it as a single, collectors BD box set though.
Exactly. At this stage of proceedings, it will be a shame to see the release drag over such a long period of time with no BD collection in sight.

Rui said:
Edit: Nooo Josh quickly edited his question, making my response sound insane!
Pff, a likely story, "Crazy Rui". One of these days the forum will be more consistent with displaying "post edited by" and we might believe you. :p