N.E.Lincs (Grimsby/Cleethorpes) Anime and Manga club (help!)


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I'm starting an Anime and Manga Club in the Grimsby/Cleethorpes area. (Should be posters up soon!)

So if any one is from around there please contact me via PM or email (email on profile).

Also, does anyone have any tips for running/starting up such a club?

(Sorry is this is the wrong place to post this >_<)


Completely Average High School Student
I would join but I live north of the river, not south!

I have no tips for you, but good luck with it. :D


Re: N.E.Lincs (Grimsby/Cleethorpes) Anime and Manga club

:D There is God!!! Anime/Manga Club in Grimsby/Cleethorpes Area

I live in the Grimsby Area. Where is your club gonna be at because i might be intrested? I used to run a Anime Club so advice i can give you is:

1. Get as many people involved in your club
2. If you are showing Anime titles if you can try and get the distrbutor's permission
3. Research on titles that you think may be good to show at your club

I Hope these tips are useful to you and best of luck with your club


panda z

I hope you don't mind, but I have put a post on the Amecon forum advertising the possibilty of this club, in the hope that a few more people might want to get involved!


yes we are
We havent had an actuall meeting yet as im still in the process of getting advertisement sorted but your more than welcome
Our site is www.animeisland.co.uk and we are also trying to get trips to london and other events, im even in the process of trying to get a cosplay ball together in scunthorpe
let me know


Re: N.E.Lincs (Grimsby/Cleethorpes) Anime and Manga club (he

Is this club still on going? I've recently moved to grimsby and I didn't know there was a community here!
Please say it is!


Re: N.E.Lincs (Grimsby/Cleethorpes) Anime and Manga club (he

Plz say that this club is still going cos i cosplay in Grimsby and so do 3 of my friends