MyM Magazine

Ian Wolf

AUKN Staff
Actually, I just double-checked the last issue (No. 10), and that one had no advert for Tokyo Toys in it. I hadn't noticed it previously.

Whether this means the problem is sorted out or Tokyo Toys decided not to bother placing an ad in that issue, I'm not sure. Anyway, seeing as how this is the case, I should probably hold off any move to raise the issue until Friday, and if there is a Tokyo Toys ad in it, then I will bring up the matter.


Karamatsu Boy
Good to hear! If they keep it up for long enough maybe I can start buying things from them.

I want to imagine my vicious barrage of formal complaints helped, though it may well be something lame like they are waiting on redesigned ads with new stock, or TT just stopped doing print ads at all. Is it just me or is the TT sponsor banner missing on the new London Expo site as well..?



Brigade Leader
Splendid! Splendid that there is no TT ad full of counterfeits in this issue of MyM, and even more splendid that you made complaints to them about the TT ads Rui. Thank you for doing things for the benefit of the community as a whole. You have my gratitude and appreciation for that at least.


Brigade Leader
It is very good that they are not advertising counterfeit goods, but I do wish that they would take a bit more care with the production of that magazine. In the latest issue half the ratings on the reviews are missing, along with half the captions on the pictures. They both disappear on the same page about half way through the magazine.