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Doctorkev’s Autumn 2020 Anime Postmortem

It's been a couple of months since I last wrote anything new, so I thought I'd link this article here for anyone interested - it's an overview of the stuff I watched this season.

I've got a large backlog of articles rescued from the demise of Kotaku's kinja blog network and posted to this new Medium site. The front page is, and various other friends of mine post anime-related articles there too.

Hope you like my writing, and if anyone is interested in contributing to a friendly anime blog, we're always looking for new contributors. (We don't pay anything - we do this for fun!)
Random Blu-ray Review: Penguin Highway

This is a gorgeous film I enjoyed along with my 9-year-old son.
Fully agree with your synopsis in the first para. Thought it was good but not amazing after during the first watch, though I loved the ending and that Utada song and it's use in the credits is genius. All that prompted repeat watches. I want to get the novel now as I thought the sci fi aspects at the end were fantastic but just touched upon. Great movie.
Nice review though I still find Monogatari very entertaining despite the rambling nature but then I am definitely biased. Putting aside the problematic elements, the designs of that bathroom with stained glass and lighting are amazing. If Shaft ever decided to cross over into architecture and interior design I would definitely commission them if I could afford it!