UK Anime Distributor MVM Entertainment Discussion Thread


Eyeing up Grimoire or Zero and Sword Oratoria but I’ll see. There’s 11 days of this deal left and six left of AL’ one and I need to conserve some funds.


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So how many titles are on sale each day? Should I expect large discounts like All the Anime sale? And are they in themes? Looking forward to maybe getting some on my wishlist :)
It's going to vary - but there will definitely be multiple titles on offer each day. And we've tried to make each day a themed day.


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Flip Flappers kind of hurts, as I got it new (and still haven't watched it), lol.

How was the shipping strategy here again btw? packing things up as much as possible in one order or single? Just so I know whether I order to Switzerland or Switzerland. (As with Switzerland it needs to be below the local treshold per package or hello juicy customs handling fees.)


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Would have gotten garden of sinners but it's DVD, and flip flappers has me flap flipping, I got it at full price! Oh well, good deals but no bite.
What will AL's sales bring this evening? Will my wallet rest this weekend, or will MVM perfect the perfect seduction tommorrow morning?
Find out, on the next soul striking episode of cap'n ball zeee!

And like that, I have them as excited as a kid on a sugar rush