UK Anime Distributor MVM Entertainment Discussion Thread


AUKN Staff
It is weird Koyomi and Zoku never streamed especially as Zoku did get a TV airing in Japan
I suspect Aniplex of America weren't allowed to stream Koyomi due to the special app that it had, eventually the Americans got it on Funimation now. As for Zoku Owari that's surprising, unless they classified it as a theatrical for some reason as their excuse of not adding it for streaming.


Harem King
I am just glad Zoku got some sort of western release as AoA Never licensed till they announced the home release, I dont get there current monogatari strategy it obv sells well for MVM so just let them have the rest and I hope vertical is allowed to translate the off season as sadly I dont see SHAFT adapting it anytime soon.


Brigade Leader
Can confirm that after receiving Domestic Girlfriend from MVM today that it is indeed the uncut version. The giveaway being the BBFC rating is for 18 for 'Strong Sex' and those new scenes certainly are that.