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To see the discount applied, you have to go all the way through to the final screen before confirming your purchase and it only shows the total discount and not the price per item.


Magical Girl
Tempted to grab some monogatari in the sale but brother already owns them. Would be nice to have my own copies but ultimately pointless as well.


Magical Girl

We must think about this rationally.

📦 = A parcel, to conceal something?
💳 = A credit card? Or perhapes an access?
2 = A time or maybe a sequence?
🕘 = the classic calling card of a premeditated crime
💸 = The prize

Of course, Clock King knows that the Gotham national bank recieves it's post at 2pm, he will use the Joker venom taken from GCPD storage which he disguised in a parcel to gain access to the vaults during the chaos. The fiend.



MVM Representative
Industry Representative
This was what our emoji clue was for - a weekend box set sale. 50% off of our selected box set titles - UK Anime Store

For those that were trying to work out the emoji clue - parcel was meant to represent box [boxset], card obviously meant you'd need money, the 2 meant it's happening in two days' time, the clock meant it's happening at 9:30am and money with wings...well, potentially kiss your money goodbye 😅