Most You've Spent and General Pricing Discussion

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    I think the most expensive individual anime series I've bought was probably either the Love Live Season 1 NIS premium edition or Funi's Kamisama Kiss Goddess Edition. AL have yet to release an Ultimate Edition of something I've liked enough to want one. I just can't bring myself to pay AoA or PonyCan prices. In terms of franchises, I've probably spent the most on Love Live.

    @Lord Bacchus - Companies can also print the standard edition Bluray discs at the same time they print the premium edition ones if the discs are identical, therefore saving money per disc by buying a larger print run.
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    The most I've spent on one anime title was just over £50 (including delivery, and my bank's non-Sterling transaction fee) on the deluxe edition of Time of EVE: The Movie from the project's own web shop. Unfortunately it arrive with the slipcase damaged. I emailed and got a reply from the film's producer, Ann Tomoko Yamamoto, who arranged for a replacement to be shipped airmail from Japan! That arrived in perfect condition. By then, the film was listed on Anime Limited's web shop for only £34.99. Gah.

    By contrast, the least I've ever spent on one title was in CEX for a second-hand copy of Manga's Macross Plus "ultimate edition" containing all four OVA episodes and the movie. The sleeve wasn't in the best-ever condition, but the DVD cases and discs were immaculate. It cost 75p! Bargain. :D
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    I really ought to check around CEX more, since a lot of people have mentioned getting amazing finds in them. I guess I've never really associated CEX with anime, so that's why I don't think to have a mooch around when I'm near one.
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    Kind of like a high street boot sale. A lot also depends on which Sex shop you go into (dilliburate mispelling as that's what the called themselves on their TV ad). The one's in Belfast are pretty worthless as you are talking very odd selections and ususally bit parts of odd volumes. There is a website though that might help (nothing dirty I promise:) ).CeX (UK) Buy & Sell Games, Phones, DVDs, Blu-ray, Electronics, Computing, Vision & CDs
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    I guess I learned how much I wouldn't pay for a copy of the premium edition Blu-ray of AnimEigo's Otaku no Video.

    The price on their web shop was $60, which was already right at the top of my budget for it. But then I saw the $17.95 charge for UK delivery, despite the fact it's only being sent from a warehouse in Southampton. That put me off.
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    I believe that includes consideration for our taxes (the $60 US price is before UK import costs or any other local taxes) so. They may have cleared the stock already but I think they want to recoup that extra $12 the government charged them on top of processing/shipping from the end user ;)

    Psychologically speaking, paying a large fee for shipping/taxes etc always feels depressing.

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    They also had a screw-up with the shipping. They were supposed to ship the pallet to the UK by sea, but a breakdown in communication meant that it got missed from the consignment and had to be transported by air. I wonder if that factored into it, too.

    The delivery charge is more than half the price of the standard-edition BD!