Manga Questionnaire

Male or Female :



16 - 18

how do you preffere to buy you manga or do you read manga online instead of buying it?

I buy manga from time to time when i have the money however for the looong manga like bleach or naruto I read them online

do you like cross over comics?

never heard of it :?

when you buy a manga what are your reasons for buying it? (E.G interesting storyline)

Buy the manga as the anime sometimes stops halfway so i buy the manga to see how it ends for example gantz and GTO

when you look at the cover on the manga, what do you like to see and does it help you to buy the manga?

Yeahs sometime the cover just persuades me as the drawing on the front is just to kool like on death note >.<

what do you think of the idea of putting final fantasy characters into the pokemon world? (i know that pokemon is kiddy stuff but im thinking of giving it more action and adventure).

Well it would be pretty kool mixing those pokemon with ff chars. Imagine sephiroth throwing a pokeball xD