Manga; how do you choose yours?

Manga influences.

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Stand User
I was wondering how everyone chooses their manga, what influences your choices?
Do you only go for titles where you have seen the anime?
Do you go for certain genres? Or authors?

One of the things that strongly influences my choice is the front cover, I will often pass a manga by if I don't like the look of the front cover :shock: In the same vein, I will often buy a manga just for the front cover and find out later if it was really worth buying :lol: I'm also strongly influenced by genre (anything hinting at romance, bishounens, or yaoi!).


Thousand Master
I would say its the story most of the time, but also the art, it doesnt matter how good the story is sometimes for me, because if the art is bad then I just physically cant read it.


Stand User
Well I tend to read manga based on recommendations , or the fact that ive seen the anime.

However if I find the cover charecter/charecters attractive , sure thats another reason to at least flick through.


Ghost of Animes
I tend to go by genre, though cover-art is also a big factor. Just looking at the awesome cover-art for Blame! can tell you so much about the story before actually reading.

Also, I'll go by word of mouth too. If a there is a 'must read' story out there that everyone is praising, I have to check it out for myself. I'm actually just about to start reading Deathnote since I've read a lot of other people praising it.

Chibi Yosho

School Idol
It depends. Sometimes it's because of the anime but mostly it's through word of mouth. Some manga can be amazing but have bad art, BECK, for example.


Great Teacher
Generally I flick through a few pages at the store to see if I like it. If I do, then I buy it.

Sometimes there's the odd recommendation, but generally, I prefer to have a look for myself before I try buying.


Pokémon Master
Well it all depends, in the poll i said genre but really i suppose it's a mixture of all of them. If it's not a manga i have been recommended or have heard good things about i will usually be first attracted by the front cover. I will then have a flick though and read a few pages to see if it looks like my kind of thing and also to see if it's my kind of illustrations (attactive characters etc, i can be very put off by more real type characters). If it's a comedy i will also see whether it is my kind of humour (i tend to go for more perverted humour or subtle jokes, rather than too many slapstick jokes). But i will never really get anything that i have already see the anime of, i'm buying Fruits Basket at the moment because i want to see what happens after the anime and any bits that were left out and i hope to buy Shaman King also, but i get too bored by anything i've already seen and i can't stop myself thinking about what has been changed.

You know i'm not even sure why i put genre in the poll because although i do go for cirtain genres i never usually find out what they are until i have the book home