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I watched Macross plus a while ago when i used to buy that manga force magazine and despite not knowing what was going on in some parts i thought it was alright. So when trying to find out more about macross on ann i was baffled by all the prequels sequels and different series.
My question is, as a macross noob which one can people recommend for me to watch first? Any guidance or opinions are mucho appreciated...o. :)


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The original Macross is the best place to start if you don't mind importing (it's out on R1 but the only version on R2 is the Macross arc of Robotech, which is nearly but not quite the same). 'Do You Remember Love?' is that original series retold in the space of one movie, which I highly recommend.

I'd also recommend Macross Plus, which is set after the original series but you don't have to have seen the original to appreciate it. Yoko Kanno soundtrack FTW!

Macross Zero was made later but is set earlier than all the others so I guess you could start there.

Macross Frontier is the most recent and again has its own storyline so you can enjoy that on its own merits.

Feel free to correct me everyone but as far as I can tell all the major Macross series and movies have little references to earlier ones but don't necessarily require you to watch them in a certain order.


I would echo all that. Macross Zero is simply stunning. I am still yet to see Frontier but hear its great. To add a bit of info about Plus: The manga R2 release contains the series of 4 episodes and the movie version, which is simply an edited version of the series to fit within the time frame of a movie.


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So, where exactly does this boxset fit in with the whole Macross thing?

I've seen Macross Plus, and I absolutely adored it! So, I'm kind of in the same boat as Dizzae in that I want more! :]


That boxset is the Robotech version of the first arc in the complete macross (original series) story. Near enough different storyline to the original japanese version, same animation but recut for a english speaking audience. It can be confusing at first thanks to this.


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redgore said:
That boxset is the Robotech version of the first arc in the complete macross (original series) story. Near enough different storyline to the original japanese version, same animation but recut for a english speaking audience. It can be confusing at first thanks to this.
Ah, I see. But is it enjoyable in English, with the doctored storyline (my gut instinct says no :/) and there's no Japanese track, yeah?

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tbh i've only watched macross plus before macross Frontier, so i don't think it really matters where you start


What I have watched seems fine, typical early 80's american cartoon quality. There is no Japanese track because its a altered script to make the new storyline work


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Macross is confusing? Just be thankful you're not looking into Gundam :p

The titles are (in the real-world order they were released):
1982: (The Super Dimensional Fortress) Macross [R1 DVD by ADV]
1984: (The Super Dimensional Fortress) Macross: Do You Remember Love [Ancient UK VHS]
1987: (The Super Dimensional Fortress) Macross: Flashback 2012 [Japanese R2 DVD]
1992: (The Super Dimensional Fortress) Macross II: Lovers' Again [R1 DVD - Manga]
1994: Macross Plus [UK R2 DVD - Manga]
1994/5/5/7: Macross 7 / The Galaxy is Calling Me! / Encore / Dynamite [All Japanese R2 DVD]
2002: Macross Zero [Japanese R2 DVD]
2008: Macross Frontier [Japanese R2 DVD / Blu-Ray]

The bits in square brackets are the 'easiest' (legal) way to watch the series in question.

As you can see, Macross is a series that's virtually impossible to get into if you're into playing by the video company's rules. Macross Plus is literally the only thing available on UK shop-shelves, and even then, only the original series is available in English from other regions. However, a cynical side of me says that there's a very good reason for this:

Macross and Macross Plus are the only properties in this franchise that are truely worth watching. Ok, Frontier doesn't count because it remains to be seen whether western anime publishers will pick it up (I reckon they will, and it deserves it), but look at the rest of Macross and you can see why it's obscure. DYRL and Flashback 2012 are fan-only stuff. Macross II is the one anime product that isn't considered 'authentic' Macross. Macross Seven is, and I try to say this as fairly as possible so i'll go with an obscure pun that you'd have to be ashamed to get, utter Trash and was an indication of how completely too far invested in the 'Culture can stop all war!' message the banal Macross Zero would become. I've tried to soldier through 7 to no avail. It's Macross' answer to ZZ Gundam: Formulaic, poorly animated episodes that go nowhere fast and cheapen the franchise as a whole. Ok, it's not quite as bad as ZZ Gundam.

The good news is that no Macross series is so connected to another that you can't skip it, or skip straight to it. The Macross 7 properties function as a complete unit: no character from it has appeared in later series, though it does have several characters from SDF Macross present. Macross Zero has one character from the original series in a supporting role (it's a prequel). Macross Frontier has yet to contain anything beyond references to the other series.

My viewing advice? SDF Macross > Macross Plus > Macross Frontier. (If it gets released or, you know. Ahem.) Watch the rest if you have time to kill.

As for the Robotech version, watch it only if you are curious about the antiquated 'rip it up and piece it together for an international audience' approach to anime localisation. Robotech is also arguably the reason why there is no Macross in the UK as there has been a long history of legal battles over how Macross can be released and it's probably simply not worth the hassle Harmony Gold will give you for undermining yet another of their one episode attempts at reviving their eighties one hit wonder.


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I've seen about half the Macross titles, I think Plus might be my favourite so far - it's short but all the sweeter for it. Sadly I've only watched the hacked up Robotech when it comes to the original though. It was actually quite good, though I do wonder what I'm missing.

Min-may's appalling singing did test my nerves :eek: , at the very least that aspect must be superior in Japanese.


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Dizzae said:
kupoartist said:
wow thanks a lot this really helps. but i take it you didn't like seven? :p
I got about 20 episodes in, so perhaps it picks up, but it's really a very dull series. The first 10 or so episode all follow the pattern:

1) Fire Bomber get a new gig somewhere.
2) Basara turns up late
3) The Varuta attacks the Macross 7 fleet (using the same animation cels every bloody time)
4) Basara flys out and sings 'Planet Dance' (Again, cutting corners with the animation)
5) The Varuta run away, Basara is disappointed they didn't stay to hear his song.

The story starts to emerge after these episodes, but not without returning to the formula, only allowing developments to happen within the 'cracks'. I do intend to pick it up and finish it, but I've been doing that with a lot of much better series recently (including Frontier, which actually has production values).


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redgore said:
It seems all the original Macross series are available in japanese with english sub's if you have plenty of cash and a R1 capable DVD player: ... titled.php
or if you have a not as much money and a R4 DVD player but a Ozzie friend as well and get this Macross Collection.
As for the difference between Macross and Robotech, the main three are blood, nudity and Protoculture. Or Death, sex and rock and roll. The first two are cut out Robotech (or greatly reduced), but the thrid is the major plot difference. In Robotech it's the power source of robotechnology and food for various alien life, while in Macross it is the 1st interstellar culture which the Zentradi cut them selves off from to make them better soldiers. More details can be foundhere, and on Wikipedia.
PS didn't think Macross Zero was that bad.