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I gather quite a few of you here are going to LondonExpo in October. Is there a set plan for meeting at all, or any group stuff? I'm going with a few friends, & am bringing laptop & too many fansubs, & was wondering if anyone had Fri/Sat evening plans there?


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well i live like a 20 minte train ride from the expo so if anyone did want to go out on the friday or saturday night im up for it.

and i dont think anyone talk about a meet up pre say at the expo yet.


I'm going to be going to LondonExpo. I live in Scotland and for my best friends birthday her mums taking us down. Could someone please tell me more about it because I don't know alot about it, thank you ^^


Really? I don't think i've ever been on another forum before but i've got a bad memory so maybe i did ^^

Thank you for the link i've been on it and i know much more about it now

My friend and I might be cosplaying but we need to try figure out who we'd be first ^^