Legal Streaming 2020: Q2 Spring Season

Do we know if all of these Funimation Simulcasts have been picked up as exclusives?
They are exclusive to Funimation, as Funimation has the rights for them.

Expect Kaguya-sama Season 2 and Millionaire Detective to be made available on Crunchyroll 30 days after each simulcasted episode.
But kaguya says exclusive with no mention of CR getting it eventually like FGO did and CR said they got it 30 days later same day FUNi said it has it first. So I don’t think CR will get it ever this season
Looks like I'll be waiting a week to watch a few shows on Funimation, apart from the wait, it ain't so bad.. For whatever reason, there's either one or no ads, and I don't have a subscription.
Catalog: Now available to watch on Netflix are the following:
  • From Up on Poppy Hill [dub/sub]
  • Howl's Moving Castle [dub/sub]
  • Pom Poko [dub/sub]
  • Ponyo [dub/sub]
  • Sol Levante [N/A]
  • Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll [dub/sub]
  • When Marnie Was There [dub/sub]
  • Whisper of the Heart [dub/sub]
  • The Wind Rises [dub/sub]
Simulcast: Crunchyroll has announced plans to stream the following:
  • Dropkick on My Devil!! Dash
  • Major 2nd Second Series
  • Princess Connect! Re: Dive
  • Tsugumomo 2
Is it me, or the last few seasons, Funimation seem to be getting the better shows? I've only been watching anime for a couple of years and seems to be the case for what I can tell.
Yeah ever since the partnership broke FUNi has been pulling the big guns. Owned by Sony so no really surprise why.
I'm glad im not paying £65 for Crunchyroll yet.
Don’t remind me.... SAO and Fruits basket are the only reasons and they are both on FUNI anyway. I can see CR suffering this season people having to cut back on spending and this bad slate are gonna hurt them.
Simulcast: Shadowverse will be streaming on Crunchyroll.

Catalog: Re:ZERO: The Frozen Bonds will stream on Crunchyroll starting 30th April.
Streaming Updates: Due to COVID-19, there has been production issues and thus the following have been delayed:
  • My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax
  • No Guns Life Season 2