Latest ADV Films license


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According to ANN, ADV Films have announced the licensing of UFO Princess Valkyrie Season 2 (UFO Princess Valkyrie ~ December Nocturne). The first season is currently being released on DVD in the US and the acquisition of the second series may well indicate that it is performing well. The series has yet to debut in the UK.
I have the first volume of that from the States, but haven't gotten round to watching it yet. I saw the opening episode on a NewType disc, and it seemed interesting, but it's really the dub cast that I'm interested in more than the show itself.
The only ADV [US] license I'm really interested in is Kurau: Phatom Memory. It's a brilliant series from BONES that ADV pre-licensed all the way back in 2004 and they still haven't announced even a release date.

This new license seems to be the latest in a long line of "retreats" from them; only a few years ago they were announcing dozens acquisitions. Now it's mostly older one-off OVAs or sequels.