Kyou Kara Ore Wa!


School Idol
Kyou Kara Ore Wa! is an OAV series from 1992, as far as I can tell with no DVD release so fansub only at the moment.
It's about Musashi, a schoolboy new in town who has a dream - to be the bad-boy rebel of the school. He puts his plan into action by getting his haird done...but! Another transfer student, Ito, also has the same idea, and this story follows them getting into fights with the established bullies and gangs.
This is a light hearted action comedy with the humour mostly relying on slapstick gags which work really well. Everything ticks along at a decent pace and you find yourself wanting more by the end, only a good sign, so hopefully someone will license this one day. For once I wasn't hit by Japanese High School Fatigue!
The animation isn't anything special seeing as it is 14 years old, but it does the job well and adds to the humour.

Good stuff, check it out if you can!