Korean dramas

Ever since I stumbled across You Tube, I have now become seriously addicted to Korean dramas. (I know this is all very random...)

I have been watching Goong, which I understand is also a manwha series too (by Ice Kunion). Lets forget about the manga for a second and focus on the tv show. It's about a girl who overhears the prince of Korea proposing to a girl who happens to turn him down. By a strange twist of fate, the eavesdropping girl ends up marrying him. But things dont run smoothly...

The princess is having a hard time adjusting to palace life. The prince is rather cold. And his friends look down on her as she's well.... not too bright I'm afraid. Throw in family politics, an evil auntie who wants to steal the crown and you have a rather juicy drama...

My favourite person in the show is Yul, because he's lovely. If only I could find a boyfriend like that


Anyway, anyone else watching Korean TV , and what do you make of it?

M.G xx
I absolutely LOVE korean dramas!!!
I've been addicted to them for 2 or 3 years now. I'd SERIOUSLY recommend "Stairway to Heaven", "Super Rookie", and the amazing "Sad Love Story".
I also go for anything with Han Chae-yeong in because in my opinion, she's the most gorgeous thing ever created in the history of everything
She looks so cute in "Delightful Girl Choon Hyang" and "Only You" :oops:
Wahey Chris!

Nice to see someone else shares my rather eccentric passion! :) Actually, I've heard of Stairway to Heaven but haven't checked that out as yet, I will move that to the top of my 'things to watch' list. Watching Goong, I was impressed by how well written it is. It doesn't just show the happy side of life, but missed opportunities, regret, having dreams and what it really takes to make them real. Feel free to drop me a PM anytime about Korean TV. BTW- how did you get into them?


Yes, please do - I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I know you are already familiar with the twists and turns you find in Korean manwha , the TV dramas are the same, just on a whole different level.

M.G xx
Seen a bunch of Korean films that have cropped up on Film4 of late, but never thought to seek out any K-drama.
Curiosity got the better of me and I’ve been checking this out, wasn't sure what to expect but, yes…I was indeed pleasantly surprised :D

I like a bit of good anime but there was something really refreshing about watching this well made live-action drama that has the elements that would make up a good shojo manga, or in this case manhwa, but done with like...er...real people!

Worked through the first 5 episodes so far and its becoming just a little addictive.
I can understand what you mean about Yul - the handsome-nice-guy would-have-been-prince character, pitched to logically contrast with the aloof Crown Prince - he's the obvious choice for any swooning fangirl :wink: (...I surmise)
I guess this leaves me with a choice between the Crown Princess or Hyorin…Chae-gyung is very likable character, makes me laugh and you have to empathise with her predicament…not sure what to make of Hyorin just yet, not seen too much of her so far.
I think I may however have to follow Chris’s recommendation and look into what this Han Chae-yeong has to offer...

How far have you got through the Goong epsiodes M.G?

Fan girl? Moi?...

Watch for a bit longer and you will come across another girl who may steal your heart (and then not return it...)

I've seen most of series 1. Currently halfway through the second series, say around episode 21, and the story is getting very edge-of-the-seat-stuff.

M.G xx
Manga Girls said:
Fan girl? Moi?...
I really don’t know where I got that impression from...:wink:

Something I was musing over – maybe Tokyo-Chris is equipped to answer:
Is there much to distinguish between Korean TV drama and Japanese TV drama - is it something the Korean’s do better by some chance?
And how does Chinese drama fit into the mix for that matter?

I’ll more than likely get round to finding out myself before long since I've stumbled across websites out there that seem to specialise in all this kind of stuff.

Other thing from watching Goong – I was quite impressed by the production quality (albeit judged through internet-compression-fuzz) – wondered if most of the Korean dramas where of a similar standard to this?

Questions, questions....
Manga Girls said:
BTW- how did you get into them?

I started watching them a few years ago, mainly to take the piss out of them, 'cos ALL the storylines are almost identical:

2 schoolkids fall in love, one rich, one poor, they then get separated for YEARS and meet unexpectedly somewhere, both have really scheming BF/GF and annoying parents who try to stop them seeing each other, then they find out they were really brother and sister but got separated as babies, then there comes either one of the 2 endings: A, one of them has a car crash and dies or, B, one gets cancer and dies. The only way to save them is if the other one dies so they can give them their heart, lung, brain, bladder, etc... The one left alive ends up sitting somewhere outside, usually on a seashore or in the middle of some snow crying about how they'll never forget their dead loved one.

Sounds SO crap, but true, and I love 'em!!!

"Stairway to Heaven" is GREAT!!! Theres loads I could recommend though.
I must have watched over 20 or 30 series.
Hiya Chris

LOL! I LOVE your description. It had me in stitches! :D

But you might be interested to know that, so far, in Goong, none of that has happened. Which is surprising...

M.G xx
Stumbled across this useful overview to Korean Drama for anyone interested -
Has some considered reviews to some of the prominent series from the last 5+ years.

Got through the 24 episodes of the Goong series a short while back - very enjoyable overall.
It romps along at an addictive pace for the 3/4 of the series - the tension in the tangled web of emotions and conflicting interests really draws out toward the end and your just hanging on desperately for some resolution.

The reason for this becomes clearer having read the web-link above - the series was extended by 4 episodes due to its popularity - its debatable whether it would have actually been better without them. You do get a resolution in the end - just may or may not be what you had hoped or expected depending on who you were routing for...say no more.
*mind wonders over possibilities of second series/Goong-2...*

I had a hole to fill on finishing this so I've been looking around for a new drug – looking like Goong is possibly a hard act to follow, seems to be one of the better K-Dramas out there as far as I can tell.

Tried an episode of My Girl - seemed a bit too slapstick accompanied with some irritating incidental music, maybe a good story ultimately if this doesn't put you off - seems popular with others on the internet.
Next was Sweet 18 - got through 4 epsiodes of this - seems a bit lighter than Goong, more frivalous, not quite as tightly scripted, but may have some entertainment potential...on the back burner.
Now moved onto some episodes of Full House – not as instantly addictive as Goong, develops more gradually - tis showing some promise though.

Think I could be in danger of turning my brain to mush – drama-soap-saturation-overload... :?
My friend watches them, and she also likes things with TVXQ in, if the things they participate in are actual dramas at all. "^_^