Kitacon 2012


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Apologies if there is already a topic for this years Kita, I couldn't find one.

April 13th - 15th 2012
Birmingham Hilton Metropole

Guests (announced so far):

Chris Patton (Nerima Daikon Brothers, Full Metal Panic, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kanon, Welcome to the NHK, Tower of Druaga)
Ellen McLain (Portal)

Registration is £48 for 3 days of awesome. List is currently full for those of you who want to go and haven't yet registered - however there's the possibility of them raising the member cap (they did that a few times last year) so keep an eye on the list!

Kitacon has fun and unique events, games room, great guests, live music, parties every night to cater for most musical tastes, 24 hour screening rooms showing anime, live action (and after midnight you might find some hentai). It also tends to include general Japanese culture events and some Chinese ones too. Also there is of course the huge dealers room.

Last year was the biggest Kitacon so far with a sell out member cap of 1000 attendees but the hotel is so large it never felt too busy.

Anyone already registered? What cosplay plans do you have? Anybody planning to go if they increase the member cap?

Some videos from last year (no idea who made them) (I see myself right at the start :p) (one for Black Butler fans)


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chillock said:
woah 48 pound, thats kinda steep
That is pretty much the normal price for anime conventions for the last five years, if I recall. Minami has been only a little less than that for the last few years.


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Kita has always been £45 until this year when it was raised to £48 since the price of *everything* went up last year.

It's expensive yeah but well worth it. 3 day convention after all.


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ilmaestro said:
I never know in enough time if I will be able to get the time off work, so it's always full by the time I could book. :(
Oh yeah, this happened again, so I won't be going.

Looks like there's a few interesting things on, people sing anisongs at the karaoke, right?


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Yeah they do. I was only in the Karaoke for a little bit but people did Naruto, Pokemon, DBZ, Black Lagoon, One Piece, Bleach and a few other bits. I wanted to stay in there longer but had other things to do. Anyway here are a few pictures I took:




This was me doing Rainy Devil, before I put my eyes on. Looked much better with eyes on.


This is the Chav Bot that my friends team made in Build a Mech :)



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LOL thanks for the pics, I've seen all of them at the time, except for the chat bot. Were you in the Karaoke when Ellen McLain joined ? It was indeed something special.


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No but i'm gutted I missed it. I love her she's such a fabulous lady. I wasn't sure about her before the event because I haven't played Portal but I went to the 'Lets play Portal 2' event so I watched the guy go through it with her making funny comments and her VA panel was hilarious.

I ordered a copy of Portal 2 yesterday pretty much as soon as I got home and I now have to watch Pirates of Penzance because 'GLaDOS told me to' XD

So I wish i'd seen her in the Karaoke! I wasn't in there long as I was really tired at the time.


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Nice pics!

Although, once your are done with karaoke, there is almost nothing that should take precedence over "more karaoke" (well... until it gets to 6am or so).