Jungle de Ikou


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What a piece of crap! but it was an extremely entertaining, very amusing and completely daft anime.
It's one of those things you should watch if you're feeling down, or want something totally inane and pointless to watch or just want to be assailed by wobbly bosoms and lotsa purposeful panty shots!
I loved it! It was funny and just what I needed when I'd been watching too many dark and depressing anime, it really brightened up my day ^_^
So here I am recommending it to you all :lol:

The animation wasn't too bad actually. It was nice and bright and very colourful and made a change from all the darkness of the most recent anime I'd watched prior.
The character design was rather nice. The girls were pretty and had extremely large wobbly bosoms! Ingo was small and ugly and the old geezer Ahem, was truly the wrinkliest character I have ever seen (and his phalic shaped underpants were the funniest I've ever seen *lol*).

The opening theme was lively, as was the ending and I didn't feel like fowarding them on even once.
The voice acting was extremely good and I was surprised to hear a number of BIG names in Japanese anime voice the characters (Megumi Hayashibara AND Yamaguchi Kappei!!).

What storyline?!! So daft, so pointless but fun none-the-less!
It's was loosely based around a New Guinea legend of the god Ongo (actually it's probably totally fictitious!!). One young girl gets given special powers that allow her to defeat the god when he awakens, but this power turns her from a flat chested 12 year old, into an extremely busty and very sexy Flower goddess!!
There's plenty of men having nose bleeds and 2 of the craziest transformation sequences I have ever seen! To transform, she is made to do a very strange and erotic dance and I'm not sure what was funnier; the old man "Ahem" showing her how it's done, or her doing it!! (It's extremely rude you know *lol*).

You don't need a reason to watch this anime. You don't have to think about what you're watching, it's so silly you can just sit back and laugh yourself silly. Don't take it seriously - I mean what idiot would?!! It's purile fun ^_^

Every character was great fun. From the shy little girl Natsumi who is forced into doing the most embarrassing dance ever, to the cute but butt ugly Ongo who loves carving out spells in other people's table tops!
The old man Ahem is so damned funny and he is probably the grossest old man I have ever seen. He is wrinkled beyond belief, but when he does the transformation dance and sticks out his "willy" shaped codpiece, you can't help but laugh til you cry.

Yes it's tatseless and yes it's a pretty pointless anime, but why does everything you watch have to be sensible or have a deep meaning. This is just a piece of fun and it cheered me up no end when I was feeling very down and had had enough of watching dark and depressing anime. It lifted my spirits and was worth watching just for that alone.
If you like watching inane comedies filled with big bosoms and panty shots, then give this a try ^_^