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Manga also released the adaption of Hentai Kamen: Forbidden Hero (https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_6?url=search-alias=dvd&field-keywords=hk+forbidden+superhero&sprefix=hk+for,dvd,182&crid=20DV255H36J01), that's definitely in the weird section. Little tidbit: They referenced HK in the few episodes I watched of "My First Girlfriend is a Gal" :) I'm sure he was inspiration for Shimoneta too - Kyuukyoku!! Hentai Kamen

Speaking of Chanbara ..I watched the first film totally blind :oops: I should've expected the contents given the cover ..

That Amazon listing led to this. What....

Oh wow, Air Doll. Funnily enough it's not a half bad film.



Given Richard Gere's past antics this is a pretty hilarious advert

You would think that Spongebob was the second coming of the Beatles given the reactions of these kids haha.

There is so much wrong with this ad and yet so much right lol

Not to be out done on the weird pizza ads along come pizza flavored Pretz commercials
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I thought I'd create a Thread dedicated to all the funny,strange and downright terrifying commercials that feature on wonder that is Japanese television.

I'd thought I'd start things off with this commercial for McDonald's

Well, that's probably gonna give me nightmares for a while XD Definitely NOT lovin' THAT!

Incidentally, I was watching a bit of Friends earlier, and the ep with the Ichiban lipstick was on:


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It's a proper old school edit that hasn't left my subconscious for years

I can literally still hear it - the 8-bit music in the BG and all the wierd edited vocals. The tracksuited Ronald towards the end though; he's got moves!

I just find it so odd that the nation that produced such wonderfully crafted anime and art also produces some of the strangest commercials. Their way of subliminally trying to access our subconcious is clearly different to ours (even if alot of our ads are annoying as hell).